Time To Introduce Myself

Greetings to all,

My name is Oyoa. You can call me Oyoa. And I have a slight problem. Overeating. Not exercising. Which has caused my Asthma to kick up again and I lack any sort of energy to do anything. Once upon a time, I was becoming healthy (almost to the point where that was my goal: to reach where I once was) and finally gaining some self esteem. And then life got in the way. Well, it didn’t get away, but I allowed it to take over everything, and not make decisions in regards to my own health. Fast forward a few years, I am just as heavy as I was, if not heavier. I am always tired, no energy, and just overall a bit sadder than I should because of I have a wonderful life.

But this out of shape and way overweight is affecting not just me, but my family. So I have decided to not let life dictate it anymore! I am taking charge and I am going to follow down that path once more that lead to a healthy and happy me.

Starting Day: 2/15/2015
Name: Oyoa
Height: 5″ 3′
Weight: 240-ish.

Feel free to follow and see if I get any progress. I am going to post results, but also talk about information I find, try to get opinions on certain things, and just talk “Healthier for You and Me” type things. Comment your opinion, advice, or questions even. We are all in this together. I made this to start holding myself accountable, so you feel free to do so too.

May the health be with you.


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