I did it. I got up early, had everything read and set to go. And I went to the gym this morning exactly at the time I wanted. Only to find that the gym was CLOSED. Okay, to their defense, they were opening later due to “inclement weather.” Which stinks. The roads were fine and not NEARLY as bad as everyone had thought it would be. It was actually quite pretty this morning. There was cold but not so bad where I was shivering.

And so, I was foiled on my first day of workout. *laughs* But I will not let that discourage me! I am going to go and do the exact same thing tomorrow morning to continue! No discouragement.

Plus that allows me to figure out a workout schedule.

Image result for wink face

And I realized a few things:

Even though I had set up and thought I had everything needed, I was still lacking a few items. Like a hair brush. That’s right, I would have not had one item to help with that madness that would have been my hair after a shower. I am going to stop by the Dollar Tree today probably to buy one.

Secondly I really do need a gym bag to carry everything in. I had a plastic bag for shower stuff. I had a bag for my after workout clothes. I had my shoe box. I was carrying entirely too much that would have been ten times easier if I had a gym bag! I will have to listen to my husband and get something so I can have all of those items in one place easily.

Not a grand start, but guess what?

It showed me that I really can get up that early to do this! I can get ready on time. And because of that, I am pumped up! Whoo! Now… time for energy drink? *laughs*


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