Day One: At The Gym

I cannot tell you how excited I am about FINALLY making it to the gym! Went to Planet Fitness this morning, and got my first step of getting healthy done! Whoo! I did the elliptical for 23 minutes, which is pretty big for me. I had to keep telling myself to keep going. I also played with a few ab machines to see if I liked any. I am going to do more research to find more ab stuff that might work better than what I did. But I do have a few notes for my next visit:

  • Hairbrush! I forgot a hairbrush.
  • Make sure I bring water with me inside. I seriously needed some.
  • Don’t rely on music apps: go ahead and download some to my phone.

And I took a picture of my day one look (You know, the before shot):

20150219_060429That was actual effect from my camera because the holder I was using blocked it. But you know it, it worked pretty well. Or so I thought.

I was very comfortable there and I am excited to keep this going. Showers aren’t bad, found out there are dressings rooms right across from the showers…
Learned new things. Going back tomorrow!


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