Day One Aftermath

I was originally planning on going back to the gym today and have visit #2. Did not happen.

First, a huge factor of sleep deprivation for the last few months. We finally got a new bedframe, so sleep was actually good. My body refused to move. I should have forced it, but then – I MOVED.

My thighs, no problem. That was the one that I thought would be sore and hurting. Not the case. My “upper abs” though. Oh my goodness!

THAT ARROW. Yes. Points to the same spot where I hurt, except I”m female and not nearly  that muscular. *laughs* That hurts. I talked to my boss (who is a Physical Therapist) and he told me something that surprised me: It was because of the Elliptical! A lot of the “Ab Machines” at gyms really aren’t good for you. It doesn’t do much, or doesn’t focus where you thought it would or it’ll help mess up your back or a combination of all. The best ones are standing exercises that seem like they’d be arm or something else. But the Elliptical was a good one that worked on my Core. Mostly because I am not used to the upper movement that I did with the Elliptical. Legs could handle it because I used to have a job that required a lot of walking and standing. But it did not do much corework.

So yes, I am sore. But I am figuring out what type of exercises I want to pursue, which is a good start. I will do Elliptical each time because it is easier on my knees than the Treadmill. The fact that it helps with my BIGGEST problem is a plus.

Now to figure out more exercises I want to do. I know I want to try this equipment:

But I want to find out if they have a particular one similar to this:

I know the exercises I want to do on this one and what it works on.

And now I am off, to do more research.


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