Trying Something New!

I am very excited! I finally got my “New Product” today! Now, I may not have mentioned it, but I bought some “Meal Replacement” powder to make the drinks to help with my getting healthy thing. I have tried protein powders before, but it has been such a long time I can’t be considered a useful resource in regards to it unfortunately.

But I had gotten a free $20 gift card for Amazon from my college for participating in a survey, so I thought “Why not use it?” I looked up powders, and it seems like all the good stuff was MORE than $20. I mean, if it is worth it, I am more than fine than purchasing it. But I have never tried these before and am hesitant to spending that much money on it. Plus, I just want to find something for now to start with. I don’t need anything “extreme”. Just something to start with.

So, the cheapest item that has a decent reputation was this:

That’s right: Slim Fast. This has some decent reviews from what I was reading, and seems to be great for beginners/just starting. Whoot. There were some delivery issues, but I finally got it and I will update you guys when I have more of an opinion on it and my experience.

So yes, this will be a thing. I will try different products if I can afford it and let you know what happens. During my progress, I will try to list what products I was using during it and whatnot so you can see my results and how particular products fit in with it.

Anything you guys recommend me to try? Or think you want a review/want me to try? Let me know and I will do my best!


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