Gym Visit: Setting Up A Routine – Monday

Yes, I said I would do it and I did it! And I did. I am going to start going to the Gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Today, I tried to make it a thigh day.

Let me explain I guess:
I have three main areas that I am focusing on because I believe they are my biggest areas- My thighs, my stomach, and my upper arm/arm flab. And I had talked to a few people, and it seems like the best approach for me right now is to focus on one part of my body a day, that way I can try to work out and focus to figure out what type of workout I like to do and still attend to the parts I want to. Which I am glad. Makes my life easier.

So, first thing I did: about 22 minutes on Elliptical. (I forgot to take a picture of it for those who aren’t quite sure what that is so I am using a stock photo they have)

I do this to warm up and get myself ready, and to get my heart rate up. Whoo! It is a good way to wake me up with not having to focus on it too much. Feet move, grab moving arm things in front to set up some sort of balance that causes moment and I get to catch up mentally eventually. *laughs*

Next was this machine (The one I had previously mentioned wanting to look for):


It is the “Leg Extension” machine. NOT the leg curl. This one I could feel ‘the burn’. I did about 6 sets of 10 on 50 lbs, making sure to rest in between. I am out of shape so I have to take it slow. (Although a lot will disagree that 6 sets is taking it slow/easy. I have a lot of lower body strength, so it didn’t seem as bad.) I did try the Leg Curl, but honestly, it felt like I was working on my calves. And my calves is one of the few things I am NOT worried about. (I have a hard enough time finding boots, don’t want to make them bigger. *laughs*) It just didn’t have the effect I wanted, so I am sticking to Leg Extension.

Next was:


Leg Press-like thing. Yes, I will call it Leg Press, because somehow I could not remember if that is how they referred to it. I wasn’t sure if I would do it, but I ended up liking it. Thumbs up from me! I did 6 sets of 10 on 30 lbs, with a break in between on this as well. I decided to not put myself in PAIN so I had to lower it until I was sure I was used to these weights to continue. I messed with a few machines and decided against them, so I think on Thigh Days I will stick with these.

But I had some time left over, so I jumped onto the thing I have been eyeing for a while:


Couldn’t tell you what it was called, but I have been wanting to mess with it since I started going in. I did about 4 sets of 10 on 30 lbs, and it was fun. I did the pull down one while standing. Was trying to get a core exercise in and got some burn in arm. But not too much. It was a nice feeling. I definitely know what I want to do on Arm Day!

So I tried that Slim Fast Meal Replacement this morning as well: Did NOT mix it nearly well enough. I thought shaking it woudl be good, but I had a mental lapse: it was a regular to go cup type thing and I didn’t have one of the shaker ball in it so it just didn’t mix well. I didn’t have a spoon handy at the time, so I just did that. The part I did taste that wasn’t a whole bunch of powder, it was pretty good. I used some Almond Milk with it, and it was fantastic! First time using this brand of Almond Milk:

And let me tell you – SO MUCH BETTER than Silk Milk! Usually I go with the store brand organic because I find they taste best. But this So Delicious brand is named properly – it was delicious.

Unsure of the effect of the drink, but to its benefit, it was operator error. *laughs* But I appear to not be hungry right now – But I also had my morning peppermint tea. Yum.

This was a long enough entry, so I will leave it as so for now. Any suggestions to help me? Recommendations? Comments or even questions? Feel free to contact me.


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