Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results

That is me this morning. Okay, not literally, but that is how I feel. For the most part. Now that I have had my cup of tea, it is a bit better, but I think it is a bit obvious on my face that I am tired this morning. And there is ONE big thing that I did differently today that I didn’t do yesterday (besides the gym, but I am pretty sure it is the other thing that is affecting me).

I didn’t eat breakfast.

I know, I know. Most important meal of the day. Yesterday I had that Slim Fast mix drink, but at least it was something. I noticed how off I was while driving to work today and tried my little blueberry crisp thing that I packed as a snack, but the damage has been done. My body is craving something of actual value and since I didn’t drink that mix this morning, it feels like I have not had anything to help energize me, and it is KILLER.

THIS is why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
(Big long explanation that may help prove the whole energy thing can be found here.)
(But a funner looking explanation because it has pictures and other facts can be found here.)

Well, I was referring to my lack of energy, but having some sites with actual information is good too. I now know and will keep up with the whole breakfast thing, I swear. I am on my second cup of tea right now. And as much as I love it, trying to use it as a energy source is not going to happen.

Plus, now I am hungry. Snacks will be harder to resist.

In other news…

I worked out yesterday so here is how I feel today!

I am actually pretty good. I pushed myself yesterday, but not to the point where I am completely sore and not functional. Which means I found a right balance for my thigh workout. Which is FANTASTIC! So proud! I have a slight soreness, but not enough that I can’t move! Positive step forward!

I will probably stick to that routine next time and see if I can up it at all or if I need to stick with it for a while. Overall, I am glad with my decisions and look forward to working on either my arm flab tomorrow or my stomach/abs tomorrow!

– That is, if the snow lets me.


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