Gym Visit: Setting Up A Routine – Wednesday

My success for the day, making it to the gym this morning. Ha. Any day I actually get out of bed to get ready for the gym is a day of success, because I am accomplishing a goal. Whoo! I was kind of hoping there was as snow storm and I couldn’t leave because of weather, but I am glad there wasn’t and got my workout set up.

Let’s see, of course, I started with the elliptical. I did 23.5 minutes. Yes! I added a whole half of a minute! Moving up. Plus I was watching NCIS during it so I was distracted.

Next, I jumped to this:

20150225_061931It isn’t the most effective machine, or so it felt, but it was a great warm up for my abs area. I did 4 sets of 20. Yeah… maybe I will bump up the weight next time. I can’t remember the weight I did (20 or 30 lbs), but this is nice to get me moving. Then I jumped to this one that we have seen on here before:


I did mostly the silver side handles. But I also tried the side that is kind of cut off. I didn’t like it much so I stopped after a few. But I did do 3 sets of 10 on the silver pull downs!

After that, I wondered around, trying a few machines, trying to see which ones I like (for abs) and nothing really made me go “Whoo!” Until this ol’ classic:

20150225_064548I did 2 sets of 20 on this until I saw someone adjust the seat in front of me. THE SEAT ADJUSTS. I was barely getting anything with those 40 I just did so I tried moving the seat. BIG DIFFERENCE. Oh my goodness. I did 2 sets of 10, and I got so much more out of the last 20 than I did on the 40! Now I know. Now you know. Hopefully you will not repeat my mistakes. *laughs* But today was very informational. I liked it. And I think I know which  machines I want to stick with for now and see how they go. My main goal is to be able to do this one day:

Yeah, I went and stood on it some point today… nah. I have to wait for a little more progress before I attempt something like that. But I will get there eventually.

My work out was a little over 45 minutes, because I got to the gym a little earlier so I started before 6. But I always start by 6 AM and finish to go take a shower by 6:45 AM to get ready for work. A little bit each day makes a huge difference.


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