Improvement From Yesterday: Product Attempt #2

Remember how I had talked about not having Breakfast yesterday and the disaster that was? Yeah, it got worse. I was hungry ALL DAY, and even at night when I was home, I was just snacking away. It was terrible. I have learned my lesson; with all of these changes I am going through, I NEED to make sure I get something in the morning. Which brings me back to the product I have been using and completely messed up last time:

Yup, my Slim Fast Meal Replacement powder drink thing. And this morning I actually used a spoon to mix it up! And know what I found out?

Still didn’t work. I mean, it was still clumpy and not mixing well. Better than me just shaking it, but I think I will need one of these:

Yup. Those little whisk balls make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Or at least they did last time I used them! Now, I had someone ask me why I didn’t just use a blender. My problem with that is the noise the blender makes. When I get up to drink it, my husband and my daughter are asleep. And it is in close range of the kitchen where me using a blender will definitely wake them up. Blender is not an option for me. But the past experience I have had with these Blender Bottles will probably make a big difference. So I may just have to bite it and pay the price for one. The only thing I am uncomfortable with is the price, but more and more I am thinking they are worth it.

Back the the Slim Fast Drink. Besides still being clumpy (and me skimming the top to get rid most of the clumps) it worked. I feel much less hungry. I am a bit tired, but that cannot be helped. But I am much more awake than yesterday, so another improvement. I am feeling better about my decision to try Slim Fast, so I will continue it. It makes me wonder about all the product I have said “No” to, maybe they may have been worth it as well?


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