Gym Visit: Setting Up A Routine – Friday

And do you know what that means? Arm flab day! Whooo! And this morning, my lovely friend Amber joined me! Whoo! We have been trying for a while, and it finally happened! And let me tell you, it made working out a lot more fun. I mean, I was enjoying it before, but I was laughing more this time, and that is always a good sign. (Laughing can help with abs, I mean, have you ever laughed so hard it makes your stomach hurt. Yeah….)

Random Funny Picture:

Anyways, back to arm flab day…

As always, started on Elliptical, and then jumped from a few machines. First I did:


I first did a set of 20 on 30 lbs? After that, I did 4 sets of 5. Yeah, I felt the burn on that one. It was epic. Then I played with:


Honestly, I can’t tell you how many of these I did. I did at least 3 sets of 10. But ooooph. It was cool though.


Now this… this one wasn’t too bad. I did at least 5 sets of 10 on this one. I mean, I was feeling the burn, but in between, I started to swing my arms a little bit to loosen it up again. (More like a pendulum motion while sitting.) But the burn was feeling good.

Then after this, played around on a few machines, including this weird thing in the Ab section. (12 minute section?) Anyway, I was determined to be able to do at least one! And I did. I think I was able to get a total of 3. *laughs* Then I found another arm machine:


Someone was kind enough to show me how to do this machine. You can technically use it two ways, but I liked the one where I sat backwards in the chair most.

I had a complete excited moment. The lady who was showing me had mentioned she had seen me around and asked my name. I have officially been in the gym enough to be recognized as someone who goes there. Epic win! I was so excited!

And… as for the Slim Fast, I tried using less powder today than recommended. That worked well for me. And that’s what I’ll do until I get a Blender Bottle. *laughs*


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