Fitness, Health, and Sickness

I was reminded what type of season it is: The Weather of Colds.

My daughter has just recently fallen ill (just a little cold. She is whining and complaining she if fine right before she vomited on my just cleaned rug.  I won that battle.) and I am pushing her to rest and lie down. I am giving her water and some Sprite (though right now she is drinking some Capri Sun. Some juice or Vitamin C is better than none I am guessing) but during this, a thought hit me:

What are the rules about working out while sick?

So I did some looking around, and here are the two articles I came across that I thought were handy enough:

Training Q&A: Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?
Are You Crazy for Working Out While Sick?

And the consensus seems to be this: Depends on the kind of sick – Listen to your body. And possibly if you work out, keep it to home (for at least the first 5-7 days of a cold). Here is a little bit more of a break down:

You feel a cold coming:
You can work out and usually you feel better afterwards. BUT if you feel worse, cut back on working out. Take a few days to rest, and when you workout again, cut back. They recommended doing 50% of what you normally do. Take care like you normally do. Drink lots of fluids (mostly water) and make sure you take the precautions needed.

Picture drawn by Ze-Nel on Deviant Art. Original Found Here.

Just sniffles and some coughing:
Working out may just help your immune system fight off that cold. Just don’t over do it. Your body isn’t quite to 100%, so your workout shouldn’t be either. Let your body tell you when enough is enough, or just do about 75% compared to what you normally did. If you go to the gym, make sure you are not contagious, as a courtesy rule. When you get a cold, you are contagious for about the first 5-7 days.

Stomach Bug:
Definitely no gym. If you are going to do anything, some stretches at home should be okay. But you are going to need to make sure you stay hydrated! Not too much sweat, because face it, you are going to lose some fluids from other places with stomach bugs. Definitely drink a lot of water, because you’re going to need it.

Fever or Flu:
Get your butt into bed! Take care of that sickness. Usually a cold or something will take a week or two to get over. A flu can be much longer! Make sure you are over it and make sure you are healthy: your health comes first.

Getting Back into Routine:
After you are sick, you won’t be able to do as much as you used to: so don’t be discouraged. You may have to work your way back up to where you used to be, but you took care of what was most important- Your health. So don’t try to push to do exactly what you were doing before. Step back, and work your way back up. You don’t have to start from step one, but enough to allow your body to get back into routine and what you need to do. It may take a few times to get back, but it is better than making yourself worse than you were.

I like this little quote from the “Are You Crazy” one:

Remember, listen to your body, and if you’ve got a fever or a stomach bug, be sure to rest. Contagious folks should work out at home.

That is the combination from both articles from what I got. I recommend reading both of them, and finding other information to make an educated decision. And be nice – if you are contagious, try stuff at home. Don’t get others at the gym sick. Seems counter-productive to get others sick, right?

Have any recommendations? Know a good article with some good information? Let me know! I will be more than happy to learn new things, and I am pretty sure there are others who will as well.


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