Gym Visit: Thigh Day #2

The hardest part about these gym visits is WAKING UP. Seriously. But I did it! I told you I would! Anyways, I woke up 15 minutes earlier than I used to, and let me tell you the difference it made! It was amazing. I was calmer, made it to the gym earlier, so I started earlier.

This is my song for the day (For my entire workout, no joke):

It worked. I was quite happy. Although I have figured out that I really need to make a playlist so I have multiple songs going. I have a radio app, but it seems to not work for me, so finding out that YouTube played continuously with no issue was a GREAT thing. Guess what I’ll be doing? (In case you can’t, I will probably be making a playlist on YouTube if I don’t do the whole songs on my phone thing.)

So, today is Thigh Day – Because you know, I goofed up and missed Monday. Sleep I tell you. Not working with me. Anyways, I made a discovery: when you have figured out a plan or routine, things go by a lot faster, and you are able to do more in a short period of time.

Of course I started with the Elliptical (I really need to take a picture of this one day):

Only 22 minutes, but I did a lot better. I went at a faster pace near the end, and I couldn’t last to 23. Hey, improvements!

Then I did the Knee Extension:

20150223_063223Would you believe I did 80 of those? I did 8 sets of 10 on 40 lbs, but let me tell you, those last three sets were the hardest. I could feel the burn. But I liked it. I felt accomplished – then wondered if I would be able to continue. Luckily, I did. It wasn’t as bad after I started getting up. And breathing. And making sure that I drank water. *laughs* I was catching my breath in between each set. And drinking water. I was breathing a lot harder than I normally do once I get off the Elliptical so my breaks in between each set may have been longer. And I am okay with that. Whew!

Next was the Leg Press:


I did 100 of these. Yes. I did about 10 on 30 lbs, then realized I was okay to move up. So I did. Then I did a few more sets of ten, then the last 60, I did sets of 20. This one wasn’t as hard as the last machine I did, so I was able to bump it up to 100. I had to keep readjusting the seat, so I was going back and forth adjusting before I started. It was a little goofy looking, but I think it’s okay.

After I finished those… it was only 6:22 AM! I mean, I got through those a lot easier because:

  1. I knew what I wanted to do.
  2. I knew WHERE the machines were.
  3. Had a plan and figured out how I wanted to approach it.

So… I decided to do one Ab machine and one Arm thing.

20150225_064548The Ab Crunch thing. I did 3 sets of 10 on 35 lbs? I can’t remember the weight exactly, but I know I did at least 30. (Possibly 40).

Then I did:

20150225_062733But the sliver bar thing wasn’t nearly as long. But I did 10 on 30 lbs, then 2 sets of 10 on 40 lbs.

By then, it was… 6:32? I’m telling you, plans are good. Allows you to do more. And I was sweating more. (Not extreme, but definitely more than I was the last few times I came.) So yay shower time! Let me just say, starting shower a little earlier made it so it was a lot less of a hassle. It was pretty cool. And I could take my time getting ready. Whoo!

Now, I have to mention one of the COOLEST things I noticed last time I went to the gym:

20150304_063550A station right at the water fountain to refill your water bottle!! How cool is that? How did I keep missing this? I will definitely use this when I drink all of my water. Which I almost did today. But I brought a 1.5 liter, so it didn’t happen. I almost wanted to chug it to try it though. not going to lie.

Then I had a good laugh, because this sign was right above it:

20150304_063557Why tempt me with PIZZA? Sounds delicious! Too bad will never be there for that. I don’t go Monday nights, just Monday Mornings. Gah. But Mmmm Bagel… oh, Tuesdays? Boooooooo.

But you know what, I feel good. Now, I am going to sit down and let my thighs relax.. let me tell you, definitely a little more sore.  But it feels fine. Feels good.

I’m out. Until next time! (maybe tomorrow.)


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