Life Happens…

And I should know.

I have a confession: I missed going to the gym on Monday. I know, still so early on, and I had to miss a day. I didn’t sleep well the night before (about only 4 hours – yeah, you heard that right). And I just struggled to get up because it wasn’t the first day of this not-sleeping thing.

And so, I had to put my health up there for a bit and hit snooze. My body requires sleep, and so I had to give up one day.

Okay, only DELAY it. Because I will make it up. I am planning on going in on Saturday and treat tomorrow as the first workout of the week. Meaning tomorrow will be Thigh Day, Friday will be Ab/Stomach Day, and Saturday will be Arm Flab day.

I was going to beat myself up over it. I was thinking “Seriously, this early on and I already pull this?” But guess what, I just shrugged it off. Why? Because it was just once. And now I am even more determined to NOT make this a habit. I will keep going to the Gym. I will work out. And I will learn to adjust when things happen.

Life Happens. It is all what I decide to do about it. And I decided to go keep working out.

Habits are hard to break. Which is why it takes work. I will not let it slow me down or discourage me. And if y’all slip up on something, don’t let it discourage you. It is all about taking things One-Step-At-A-Time.

Will I miss tomorrow? No. Definitely not.

Here is an article about how it really can be okay to miss a work out. Made me feel better, because seriously, my lack of sleep was actually on the list.:

5 Times When It’s Okay To Skip The Gym (And Not Feel Guilty)

Just.. try not to make it a habit. *wink*

Now I am off to get some decent sleep so I can go in the morning.

PS: Still haven’t gotten that blender bottle. Funds man, funds. I will find other ways to mix it without a blender. Just takes patience.


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