Gyming it Nerd Style (Abs/Arm Flab #2)

So, since I missed Monday, I tried to combine both Abs and Arm Flab into one day. I am not as satisfied with the burn, but it is better than nothing! I didn’t have my  normal workout shirts clean (hey, I am so allowed to be behind on laundry!) so I wore one of my favorite shirts instead!

20150306_053600Because Zelda will always be one of the best game series ever! I haven’t played them all, but I want to one day! ❤

With that being said, no, I did not have a Fairy in a Bottle to revive me in case I pass out. But I did okay without it. Ha.

I went to the gym, and realized how much a creature of habit I was. I use the SAME locker every time:

20150306_05375623, 33, I know it ends in a 3.

Anyways, like always, after that, I head to the Elliptical! 22 minutes and 40 seconds! I didn’t do the normal fat burner mode I normally do and I feel a lot less… burn? I know my thighs didn’t get as much of a workout. Never doing just a normal Quick Start mode anymore. I like having that additional resistance. I feel a lot better afterwards, that is for sure. Lesson learned.

Then I did:


I did about 70 or 80 of those? In breaks of sets of 10 or 20. I did feel a slight burn, but I didn’t want to over do it; I didn’t want to hurt the weakest part of my body. That being said, I then jumped to:

20150225_061931I did these as well. I want to say about 60? I went and tried a different machine, only to find I was DEFINITELY NOT ready for it yet. So I didn’t take a picture or anything. I left it as is. Maybe in a month.

Then I figured (Because I was hurting a little) that I would do an arm exercise:

20150227_062601I should have done more, but it is what it is.

Next time, I will do more, longer or with more weight. ;D It will be fun. I think I was a chicken because I”m not really hurting right now. I’m not sore. Doesn’t have the nice burn like I did Wednesday. But I also was able to focus Wednesday fully on one part. So …. it is what it is.

Most importantly, I made it! I was able to wake up and get myself to go! I might go again just to get more of a burn.

Until then, see y’all soon!


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