All Waters Aren’t Equal

Okay. We all have heard it plenty of times: We need to drink more water. Water is good for you. Your body requires more water! I don’t know about all of you, but I can tell the difference between waters. They all taste different depending on where they’re from and the ‘Brand’. And I started to wonder: is it purely just where it comes from that makes a difference? I mean, water is just water and it shouldn’t make much of a difference, right?

Hmmmm…. Then I looked at the Ingredient label.

Some of them actually have “ingredients”.


First off, Dasani! That’s right, I got interested in this whole topic when I saw that Dasani water wasn’t just water. It is Purified Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, and Salt. There are stuff in there that we weren’t expecting! So, what about other brands?

20150307_161950Okay, this one is … confusing for me. I almost want to say that… well…
It’s just water. No ingredients. I looked around the bottle to see if there is anything else to change my opinion or point to something else, but I didn’t see anything. I did always like Aquafina more than Dasani anyways, but now should I put them on the same level?


No Ingredients again, but it tells you which springs they take from! All in Florida it seems. And somehow in my photo taking, I forgot to get the actual Nutrition Facts part of it. … unless it wasn’t there. Anyway.. next!

20150307_162027This is a water I haven’t ever tried: Evian? Hummm… Seems like they are saying it is a natural spring from France and that it came that way – Unsure about this. Apparently, I need to do a bit more looking and such on the bottles when I look at them. But this does have at least the minerals listed.

20150307_162048Can’t tell what this is? Smart Water. Yup. That stuff. And what is this? Vapor distilled water, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium bicarbonate and Electrolyte sources – added for taste….
What? See, when I drink water, I just want water. I don’t need extra stuff added to it. I don’t want stuff I can’t pronounce (seriously though, really? I can pronounce them now, but it took work!). I just want water. Just clean, purified water. (Sorry folks, I am NOT a SPRING WATER type person. Don’t know why, but give me ol’ purified any day. There are debates as to which ones are better out there somewhere, but I digress.) So.. Smart Water, I now no longer drink your madness. Good day. Too bad I love y’all’s bottle.

20150307_164841This is the Fiji water that I just finished off. It says it has some stuff in it, but like Evian, it claims it is all natural and that is what comes from the pure spring water yadda. Look, I understand that it may seriously be in there naturally, but I don’t know anymore.

Look, this isn’t to make you question what you drink too much. I just wanted to know what I am drinking. If Evian and Fiji are telling the truth and that stuff just is in there because it’s all natural, fine then. But I do have to say this:
I don’t trust the Dasani water. I just don’t. It has stuff like salt, and what does salt do? Make you THIRSTIER. Why put that in water? For flavor? Okay, then don’t flavor my water then. Let me flavor it.

What are your opinions about water? (By the way, no, I don’t drink tap water either. Something else because of an experience I have had in regards to well water. Gross.)

What do you think? What do you prefer? What do you recommend? Let me know, I could use some help with this madness.


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