Product Reviews: x2

You read it. I am finally get an actual review on TWO products today. For real. First, the one I have been talking about FOREVER:

Because, guess what, look what I finally gooooot:

20150309_074109Do please ignore the remains of my drink. I didn’t think about that as I took a picture of it early this morning. I was just so excited IT WORKED. Hah!

So, my review:

Slim Fast Meal Replacement Powder –

Taste: Pretty decent. I started cutting back on powder because of my mixing issues, but now I can try to go more for what they recommended because I have something that will work.
Downfall: If you have been reading some of my entries, you’ll see my frustration in regards to getting it mixed. If you don’t have access to a blender, you are going to NEED (not want or whatever, actually need) a bottle with the whisk in it. Regular mixing does not work in the slightest.
Positive: It seems to be working in the Meal Replacement Part. I am not too terribly hungry after wards and as long as I drink water, it is enough to hold me over until lunch. (I drink it at about 5:45 in the morning, and have lunch at 12:30 afternoon.) On days I am ravenous, I have to have snacks, but that may be slightly because of boredum at times. Overall, it holds me over.
Results: I have yet to weigh myself, but I feel like I haven’t been able to let the full effect hit me yet because I finally fixed my “Mixing” situation.

More to come on that mix after a few weeks of it.

There is another product I want to tell people about but it’s not quite “health” related in the sense it isn’t what people use in regards to “weight loss” or anything. It’s something for your skin:

20150309_074144Vitamin E Lotion! See, I shower at the gym, but when I come out, my face sometimes gets kind of dry and blegh. I don’t want to buy the expensive face lotions because seriously: I don’t have that kind of money to be spending it on that!

So doing some research on stuff good for sensitive skins (Your face is a lot different than your body, it’s not good to use body lotion on your face) And Vitamin E popped up! It isn’t just good for just your face, it is good for sensitive skin all over your body. We (as in my husband and I) were shopping at Kmart when we found not just this, but a TWIN Pack. And it was a decent price. So we bought it and we each got one. I’ll probably end up taking his eventually one day, but let me tell you: A LITTLE goes a LONG way. I will be using this for a long time. Seriously, barely toughing it 3 times was enough for my entire face.

Effect: Very good. Accomplished what I wanted. I wasn’t all dried out looking. In fact, it made my face look really nice, and it still feels good.
Drawback: It is too easy to grab too much. What people normally grab is WAY to much for using this. Luckily, I have always been cautious about lotions so I barely used any, and it was perfect.
Cost: Can’t remember what it cost, but both me AND my husband thought it sound like a reasonable price without knowing how well it will work. Totally worth it.
Recommend it: Yes, yes and definitely yes. I am loving it right now! Works perfectly.


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