Gym Visit: Why No Abs? (Day)

First thing first: Man it was hot! I mean, really, had all heaters off all day yesterday, and it got to the point where we turned on the fans. Did not do much! We had to turn AC on in the room! Crazy!

And secondly: I swear, the hardest part of this whole thing is waking up. That is what I struggle with. This whole waking up and getting up and not much sleep thing. I just really….

But I did it! I woke up! And I got up, went to the gym….
The gym was so hot. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It made me sweat a bit more.

Funny thing, when I was on the Elliptical, it told me to slow down to lower my heart rate. I am going to have to bump up the heart rate thing next time. I am getting better at it. Today was supposed to be Ab day, but I feel more in my arms than I do my abs. But here we go:

20150309_06312010 sets of 10 on 30 lbs. Felt a little something, but it was just starting to burn. I may have to bump up the weight next time. That might be it. Maybe I’m dong wrong, I don’t know. But after 100, you think I’d feel it more. I thought maybe it was just because I was just starting.

But then I remembered: I should be feeling it MORE because this is one of my weakest points! (or 2nd weakest). So, I was a little frustrated. Then the next machine I wanted was full. No problem, so I jumped on:


I did 5 sets of 10. I think it was on 30 lbs. Felt a little sore, had to change out the handle stuff, but when I was done, the machine I wanted was open.

20150225_064548Again, 10 sets of 10 on 30 lbs. This one I felt it a bit more. Around 80, I had to keep saying “Come on, just 10 more” and did that twice. It worked. But I could feel the struggle around 60. But again, I don’t think it’s enough because it was easy to recover, and almost immediately I was ready.I ended up going to this because I have a little time:

20150227_062601This I did 5 sets of 10 on 40 lbs. This one is the one that is making me feel it in my arms a little bit. Which is nice. Not too bad.

Slightly tired. Okay, well, really tired. But that is because I want more sleep. Which is why my workout may not have been as effective.

Sleep is important people.

Oh, I may weigh myself on Friday. I don’t know if I will. My progress should be by weight. It should be health. But seeing weight is good too I guess. I don’t know… Goodness.

On that note, I am going to go now, and try to not fall asleep.


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