Gym Visit: Level Up! (Arm Day)

I have accomplished something! But before I start talking about that….

I have decided instead of showing the pictures of the machines I use EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’ll talk about some things that I think went well and such. If you want to know which machines, how many times, what weight etc, I am more than happy to answer! I will show new machines I try from time to time and such, but for the most part, I will try not to repeat too much.

So, in regards to my accomplishment:

I believe I am finally ready to move up in weights for my upper body workout! I will no longer be doing 30 lbs! That may not seem big, but it is to me! I means I am able to handle it pretty well and I am strengthening or something. I waited quite a bit of time to make sure, but after today’s Arm Day Workout, I have confirmed it. Next time I am trying 40 lbs and see how it works out. I think I can skip 35, but I am okay with going to that if I need to.

I have also found out that I CAN get a good work out on those crunch machines. I had to change one thing: The seat. \

I know, I have mentioned that before, but it is true. First, it was too low. Then I moved it too high. I have found out that if I move it to position 3, it works WONDERS. So .. I will keep working with that to see how I like it.

I tried a new machine today:

20150313_063254Let me tell you, that was harder than all of the arm work out machines I have used! I did use the normal ones I have mentioned before, but this one seems to do something completely different and work on something else so it felt amazing. Not kidding.

And I have to ask, what does everyone else use when working out? I mean in regards to music and such. I use my phone and use the following two items:

20150311_064128I like it. It fits well on my arm. one of the first that does. And usually I am not a fan of ear buds, but my husband talked me into these. They’re not bad (and they have the small tips) but they make my ears slightly itch. But I have had worse.

Oh, and I also tried this dreaded thing:

20150313_053558The scale.

I don’t think it was working quite that well. Last time I tried it, I was a 242. (closer to 243.) This time, it couldn’t decide between 238 and 242. Seriously, I moved the bar back and forth and it says level the entire time. I may have to invest in a scale so I can keep a more accurate measure, but oh well. I am just starting. I am working out, but still working on figuring out my whole ‘eating what I eat’ thing, so I don’t expect to have lost much. But if I am really at 238, that is quite cool! I wish I could confirm it one way or another right now. But you know what? I’ll be fine either way right now. I am quite happy with my accomplishments, and getting into shape eventually will be another one. (Still can’t help how curious I am!)

Next gym visit, I will work on working out WITH GLASSES! Because I finally got mine! Whoo! I wonder if it will change anything at all.

Until next time!


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