Excited About “Leveling Up”

(For those who do not get the joke, that is a Power Up from the Mario series.)

It is now 10:03 at night and I am cannot help but think about tomorrow morning. Yes, I probably should be resting and possibly sleeping, but I know with my life that is not going to happen. (The hubby wants to watch a movie and who am I to say No?!?!? But do not follow my example: GET REST PEOPLE! *laughs*) So as I wait on the next load of laundry to finish, I start packing my gym back, my shower bag, and plan on what I am eating tomorrow. And I cannot help but the excitement that fills me:

I have decided to not just bump up my Arm Routine’s weight, I am doing them ALL.

That’s right, I am:

Well, because of context I wanted to say Leveling Up, but that’ll work.

I don’t sweat much when I work out. And I should be a heavy sweater with all of my extra weight. But I don’t. So I think I need to fix this. I am now comfortable enough at the gym where I should be doing so. And I am happy. So therefore: BUMP IT UP!

I will let you all know how this all works out and how much pain I am probably in tomorrow. *laughs*

I was going to talk about what I bring with me to the gym, but I feel like that is a good topic to cover on another day: you know, like Tuesday when I don’t visit the gym. *wink*

See y’all bright an early tomorrow!

PS: HAD to add this:


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