Level Up Aftermath: Thigh Day

Whew! Let me tell you… I see how I have been doing this all wrong. My workout was slightly shorter today, and I got just as much done, if not more! My thighs are sore, and it feels good. Even my arms have a little something when I lift them. Makes me feel good. I definitely see that me reaching 100 on everything meant I was definitely being too easy on myself in regards to what I can handle. So I bumped everything to 50 lbs and it seems to have a much better effect! I feel better about it.

So I had done some researching on heart rates and thought that I wasn’t getting it up high enough. So I tried to do that today to stumble across a problem:

I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t get it as high as I wanted, because my breathing go too hard. I am slightly asthmatic, and I don’t have an inhaler. So I cannot do more than my body allows, which includes my lungs. *laughs* Hopefully when I lose some weight, it will help with some of the breathing issue.

Have to put this here:


I wish I had a new picture to put up for y’all but I don’t. Sorry. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.


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