What Do You Pack?

Odd question, I have to know. But we ALL do that mad dash around when getting ready for the gym. Do we have everything we need? Is there something we’re forgetting? Are we packing too much?

That last question is the one that bothers me most. But seeing as I have to get ready for work and I work in Medical Conditions, I cannot stink and still have to look professional. So I bring a bit more than some of the other people I have noticed. Besides clothes and such, here is what I bring:


Seems like a lot, I know. But I have to wash my face, use the body was, do my hair, brush my teeth, use lotion on my legs, arms and face (which are two different lotions) and even have spray if needed. And apparently I am missing my loofah! Ha. But this is all necessary for me in the morning. I don’t do make-up but imagine if I did! My goodness! Oh, and a towel. That is a must. *laughs*

But it makes me ask:

What do you bring when you go to the gym?


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