Sleep: Not Just for the Weak

At first, I was going to put a funny sleeping picture, but this one was just way too adorable not to! But back to topic:

I know no one has really noticed, but my work-out schedule has been off this week. Instead of Monday, it was Tuesday. Instead of Today (Wednesday) I am going to go tomorrow (Thursday) and try to finish it all off on Friday. But why? Why is it off like this? I have one word for you:

Or I should lack thereof. I have had a hard time sleeping lately, so by the time I finally fall asleep, I wake up soon after (or so it feels like) to get up. And I just haven’t had the perk to get up like I’d like. My husband told me that to be able to get the proper growth in muscles (And me wanting to loose fat to get healthy) I have to get 8 hours of sleep. So of course, I question it and looked it up. Here was a neat article I found:

6 Misconceptions of Sleep and Exercise

It is a slide thing unfortunately. I don’t want to get in trouble for copying and posting, so I will just show the 6 myths, and you can go to the link to find the answer.

Myth 1: Late-Night Workouts Keep You Awake
Myth 2: Early Morning Exercise Is Best
Myth 3: Muscles Grow in the Gym, Not in Bed
Myth 4: Naps are for the Weak
Myth 5: Exercise Can’t Help Insomnia
Myth 6: Lack of Sleep Hurts Physical Performance

Have fun! I am going to take a nap to be ready to work out in the morning! (Okay, not quite yet, but hey, it was a nice thought, right?)


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