Oh the Things We Do….

Because of life and financials, I have to wait before I can go to the gym again. So with that being said, I had to sit and think of stuff I can do since that is out of the question:

And I think I have decided.

I mean, I could have found stuff I could be doing at home, but if I could work out at home, my going to the gym wouldn’t have been so necessary. So what else can I do?
And then it hit me:
Work on other things that I need to improve to get healthier.

Now, that may be thinking : That’s what you HAVE been doing, I may have to disagree.

Remember how I talked about eating previously? How I over eat? Yes, I have gotten a LOT better. (I do not eat as much as my husband anymore, and I eat less during the day) but I still eat a huge amount compared to what I should. I looked at some of the stuff I eat and noticed the calorie intake compared to protein and all the stuff: YIKES.

Yes, that was my face. What good is it to be eating ‘less’ when I seem to be consuming almost the same? So I am working on a new plan. And it involves this:


Protein bars! Now, before you think I have gone all extreme, let me tell you about how I came to mind about this:
I hadn’t eaten at all on Thursday (I know, it’s bad, I was distracted, I swear) so when I went to the other office, I found an awesome surprise waiting for me! Diet Sundrop soda and a protein bar! (From the amazing Amber – click on the link to get to her blog.) I was super excited and wondered how she knew EXACTLY what I needed. After I ate the protein bar, something amazing happened: I realized I was full. That protein bar was enough to satisfy my hunger until I made dinner that night! And it tells you what calories and nutrition is in it. Let me tell you, these are much better than what I have been bringing.

So it helped to open my eyes. I was good with protein bars before, but it opened new possibilities. My workouts won’t go to waste. I can eat these for lunch and be okay. And so, I will start lowering my calorie intake, put some more nutrients in me and help myself get closer to my healthy goals. Super excited!

Now if I could somehow make myself do those cool dancing workout videos she gave me… then we’d be on a ROLL!

Have a favorite protein bar or drink? Let me know! I am past halfway on my SlimFast mix so I may have to start looking for a replacement – which is sad because I have been enjoying it.


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