Gym Hiatus OVER!

Yes, you read that right! I was able to go to the gym today!~
If you could not tell, I was super excited. That felt like the longest week. It feels like I hadn’t been to the gym in weeks….

I think I only missed one week… I cannot tell anymore.


So, today was leg day, but I was super excited to go to the new section I had talked about on my last gym post: The Abs and Stretching Area. I had my eye on it almost the entire time I was there. So I did my normal leg routine: Elliptical, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press. Then I dashed to that other section. Let me tell you, whoo! I did three new things today:

20150330_063525 20150330_063513 20150330_063500

I think I am going to love this corner.

And let me say: if you have a question, do NOT be afraid to ask anyone. There was a lady there that I normally see, and she makes the bottom picture look EASY. I asked her how do I even start, and she set it up for me. And I tried it after seeing how she got on: I did 10. That’s it. 10. But let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! Now that I have done 10, my next goal is 15! Adding 5 seems like it wouldn’t be much, but it means the world to me! And it means improvement!

I also did the first one of the three pictures. I did about 10-15, doing sets of 5. The hardest part is holding up my weight on my arms. I figure once I get used to it more, the better I’ll be and then eventually I will be working my core like I am supposed to. *laughs*

Now the middle one was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. I ended up bumping that thing to 90 pounds, because that is a strong part of my body I suppose. But it was still pretty cool. I look at some of the other stuff in that area, and I might just try to tackle them on Wednesday! Whoo! Let’s see how that goes!

And let me say, I feel so much better this morning! I woke up easily, and I was just ready and excited to go! The week I wasn’t going… well… let’s just say I got caught up on some sleep. *laughs* So I was bright eyes and busy tailed!

Side note: I may need to update my workout playlist. I have found there are a few that I just skip and some I really want/need to add. ;D


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