Play That Funky Music….

Almost everyone at the gym has it. I need to work on it. But I want to know what y’all have as well.

The ever magical: WORKOUT PLAYLIST.

I deleted a few songs from it. I LOVE those songs, but aren’t the ones I want to listen to when working out. And there are a few I definitely want to add that I haven’t yet. Let’s see, the ones I have at the moment are:

Happy – Pharrell

Evidence – Citizen Way

Good Fight – Unspoken

Love Take Me Over – Steven Curtis Chapman

Beyond Me – TobyMac

Me Without You – TobyMac

Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace

Do Life Big – Jamie Grace

You Lead – Jamie Grace

God Girl – Jamie Grace

Show Jesus – Jamie Grace

And I have SO MANY I want to add. Or mix up in there. I may have to make different mixes for different days so I can hear them all. Like seriously, how do I not have Day One by Matthew West not on there??? It is my favorite song right now! I kind of want to list the ones I want to add, (just list, not the videos yet) but that may have to wait for another time.

So… which songs do you happen to have on your workout playlist?


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