Getting Back Into Routine


This is the face of exhaustion after the first day of workout after a Loooooong break.


But, I am happy. Why? Because I was finally able to get out and workout. Sometimes life happens. But I never gave up on this. I was just delayed. And I won’t let it get me down. I even wore special socks to celebrate.

20150527_051115Yes, they are ugly. But they were on sale and had extra colors. Most importantly: They are comfy.

But you may be wondering about the results. Let me tell you: I am sore.
Tired, sore, but happy. I feel good. I feel positive. But yes, my thighs are feeling it most of all.

I usually love doing three leg machines: Leg Curls, Leg Extension, then Leg Press. I skipped Leg Press entirely. I was already starting to feel it and I knew- KNEW- I would probably be better off holding off.

So I did my favorite arm machine (For those who don’t know, that’s this one:


Then did the Ab Curl thing. Then the Pull Downs, then I jumped to the Leg Adduction and Leg Abduction. Honestly, I was getting really sweaty and tired. So I tried to do arm press or something, surrendered, and went to the treadmill. Best cooling down exercise ever.

I was sweating. Heavily. But it was worth it. Bringing on the motivation.

By the way, I do have a goal date that I have in mind for particular goals. Yes I want to be healthy, but if you do not set up any sort of motivation or goals, you are not inspired to keep doing it.


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