Healthy Smoothies

Hello all! Yes, sorry for the lack of updates. You know how life is.

And life got in the way of my fitness darn it. But I won’t let that get me down. I am actually quite excited because I have been experiencing a few new things that have brought new possibilities to my life. My mom and my sister came to visit this past weekend, and let me tell you, my sister has gotten a lot healthier. She was never like “BIG” or anything, but she has slimmed and found ways to keep her weight down (Because she is joining the Navy) yet allow herself to eat stuff she still likes. It was great. I want to talk more about some of the things, but I have to talk about something my husband and I have been thinking about:


Yeah, those. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but my husband and I LOVE juicing. (I just need to work out a way to make different juices and still be healthy and what not. Do more research on recipes and how to mix things up.) Well my sister was telling me some of her healthy smoothies that she makes, and they sound DELICIOUS. I mean, wow. They help her but taste great. And that can help me as well. Just doing one thing makes it hard to eat healthy because then it feels boring. Adding more things to the mix and making sure to make sure they include good choices make it a lot more fun and easier.

So I need to look into different recipes. The ones my sister talked about usually involved Greek Yogurt (which I am a fan of so I was like YES!). If I want it not as thick, I’ll use Soy Milk. Or if I cannot handle Milk prodcuts that day (did I mention I am allergic to Milk? Yup. Some days I can handle it fine, others, I cannot even lick a spoonful of ice cream). But she was talking about Honey and other things that just…

It all makes sense.

So we are going to look into incorporating that into our meals as well.

But I don’t quite know where to start.

Any recipes or sites you recommend?

I will give an update when I can!

Also, next time: Vitamins. Why I might just need them.


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