Overlooked Exercise Machine: Stationary Bike

Not going to lie. I overlooked these a lot. Often. And they are normally empty, so I never gave it much thought. But while I was working today, I overheard people talking about working out on a bike and the good effect it could have. So I got curious about good workouts. I mean, I knew they should be good, and I kept saying that I’d look into it or whatever. But somehow I kept skipping it.

Now I got curious. I wonder… on certain days, I might want to start looking into this. (I also might want to think about some different exercises and such. There is a whole explanation behind it, but I want something to help set a strong base and get myself to sweat more and find what fits me and my body.)

So, I went ahead and tried to find stuff online. Would you know there are tons of articles saying it is good, but they don’t talk about particular ways to actually use it? They say stuff like “Add some strength training and it’ll help tons” or “add ___ training to-” but don’t go into more details. Really?

I mean, this article is nice: Is the Exercise Bike Good for Loosing Thigh Fat?
But it literally says this: “the addition of thigh-toning exercises will help you drop the fat and reveal toned muscles” without giving any exercise suggestions.

But I found this awesome page: Exercise Stationary Bike

Not only does it talk about the best exercises for the bike, but it also shows some GIFs about different bike positions! Amazing. I want more sites like this!

Next: I might talk about FitBit. Because I should be getting one. ❤


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