I am very excited! I have something that I have been thinking about for a long time…. a Fitbit HR Charge!


These usually cost a lot, but my husband found one on eBay that was having issues for about $50 or $60, and he fixed it! It is like new!

I have been wanting one because it actually does a lot that it does and records. It will be quite handy for me and helping me keep track and hold myself accountable. I have the app on my phone:



Look at all of the stuff you can keep track of! The calorie thing changes as the more you walk and work out. It basically adjust to your lifestyle. And they have a lot of the information and such from different types of items. The list isn’t perfect – like when I was looking for store brand blueberry muffins- but you cannot expect it to have everything! Plus if you have the info, you can add some to their list. It is lovely!

I really wanted it for keeping track of sleep habits, heart rate, and tracking my steps to see how I am doing. All the extra bonus stuff is just fun!

I have heard so many good things and people who own one seem to love it! What about you? You have one? Do you like it? What is your favorite thing about it?


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