My Sister’s Recommended Workout

My younger sister is one of my best friends. We’ve always been some degree of close, even if we don’t know everything going on in each other’s life. That is okay. Because we are there for each other whenever it is needed. And, she is now going into:

She had to lose weight and now she is working on maintaining it. I am proud of her. She was always a more active one out of the two of us when we were younger, but she also knows a bit more than I do in regards to some things as well. Since she recently had to lose some weight, I asked her what she recommended for me. You’ll probably get quotes from here, because I think she is brilliant.

Our conversation:

Me: Can you tell me about your workout? Like what you do and which machines and possibly take pictures of them?
I want to know what you do.
Sister: First, I love squats. They can be hard, but they really work your legs. The picture is of a squat rack, but I’d start out using one that is a smith machine because it is assisted.
I also really like leg press machines.
Leg curls are really good, make sure to do both!
These are the adductor and abductor machines. I like these, little awkward at first, but you get used to it. People at the gym don’t really look at people when using them.
I like this machine
Generally, going to the gym have set workouts by groups.
Leg day, back & biceps, chest & triceps.
This one looks good for a guide to follow. And if you click on it it shows you how to do the exercise.
I hope that helped!
Me: You are awesome! Thank you!

And there you have it folks! My awesome sister and her tips!
And let me tell you… that site is amazing! That PAGE she gave me is pretty cool. I might show the information that I gleamed from it in a later entry. In fact, I think I’ll try it first, and let y’all know how it goes! Wish me luck!

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