The “Between Gym Visits” Exercises

Let’s face it. I am horrid at going to the gym consistently. But even if I did go as often as I plan – and I will! I am working my way up – there are still exercises I should probably do at home between gym visits. It’s not just the days I am there, I have to make sure I have a lifestyle of where I do more overall. I can’t just be a bum four days a week. I need to make sure I do at least something that will benefit me.

And so, the research began.

Guess what I found out:

You really truly need the rest. At most, if you truly want to do something, a simple walk or if you do like yoga-stuff, is all you really need – if you even need to do it. Yes, rest is truly good for you. And I shall start quoting different sources of information soon.

See, I thought I would be listing ‘light’ work out moves to do on the floor or just to keep you active each day. I couldn’t be more wrong. Now, I may have touched this subject before in my previous researching and such, but sometimes your mind wonders about different phrasing or “what if” type of things. Every single thing I read said the exact. Same. Thing. “Naw, not if you don’t need it.” “If you do, a light walk” blah blah.

Now, most of my quoting will be from the following blog entry: What Should I Do On My Off Days – on Because I found this was perfectly worded for me and just covered all of my overly questioning bases. Because let’s face it, I do the “Well, what if…” and “If it was this situation…” and all those other beginner stuff that I just cannot help stopping from popping into my mind.

Let’s start on the question: Am I supposed to be doing anything on my off days? Here is the fantastic answer that was given-

It depends on all kinds of stuff, all of which are specific to you. For example…

  • It depends on YOU and YOUR exact situation.
  • It depends on YOUR specific needs and preferences.
  • It depends on what YOU actually want to do.
  • It depends on what YOU actually have the time, capability and work capacity to do.

And possibly more so than all of the above, it depends on YOUR goals.

Seriously. It depends. Truly. Honestly. And I love how this person broke it down.

If your primary goal is to build muscle, then there is no need for doing any cardio on your off days. Similarly, if you want to lose fat but you’re creating your required caloric deficit through diet alone, then again there is no need for doing any cardio on your off days.

Translation? If you are working out to build muscles, or if you are working out to lose fat and you are already working on eating less/consuming less calories, there is no need to be doing anything on your off days. Your days of rest are that: Days of rest.

Say, if you cannot find a way to cut out enough calories on your off day? Or you just don’t want to?

Let’s say you’re trying to lose fat and you aren’t able to create your required deficit through diet alone. Meaning, you flat out NEED to do cardio on your off days in order for that deficit to exist. In this case, the above advice would change since a true need for doing cardio has now presented itself.

Or, maybe you CAN create your deficit through diet alone, but you just don’t want to. You’d prefer to use cardio anyway (in conjunction with your diet) to help create that deficit. That’s fine. In these cases, you most definitely can (and most likely should)… so long as it’s kept to a sane amount to avoid that previously mentioned point of detriment.

So it all based off of need.

And IF you do workout stuff on your off day, it is light. I even found a PROGRAM that has it set up that when you click on a rest day, it literally says this:

(No equipment) Today is rest day. Enjoy yourself!

I don’t know why, but consider my mind blown. I just.. I might take my daughter and our dog to the park. And sit on a bench. And enjoy watching them run around. That sounds like a good rest day. And I feel like I did something. And I still get some more steps on my lovely FitBit that I am wearing and seeing that I do not walk nearly as much as I used to.

So there you have it. The answer. The wonderful statement that should help you, and serves as a reminder to help me when I start to question it.

PS: Read that blog entry. I didn’t get all of it, and it was fun to read. Not going to lie. And there was a nice summary.

If I sound a little weird today, I apologize. I have not slept yet because of a Netflix Binge with my husband and I am slightly avoiding sleep because my mind is so active right now. This is the results of Psych (an amazing show by the way. Highly recommend it).


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