Possible Workouts: Lower Back

I don’t know about you guys, but this is how I feel right now:

My lower back is killing me – even at night. I may have been slacking a bit in that area, working on my thighs and arms. I was in so much pain I didn’t even go to the gym this morning. I am deciding if I should make it up tomorrow or if I should just wait until Wednesday (probably going to make it up tomorrow). But it got me wondering:

Which exercises will actually help with my lower back problem? Which will strengthen it?

So, here are the sources for this research:

My Boss (a Physical Therapist)
WebMD – Lower Back Pain Exercises
RealSimple – Strengthen Your Lower Back (Don’t agree with all of this, but I’ll talk about the ones I like)
BodyBuilding – Best Lower Back Workout

So, first I have to mention that my husband told me that Squats are good for my lower back. I should have said him as well (and he does know what he’s talking about; he used to be one of those people who often went to the gym. He used to want to be a body builder type person). Squats can be good if done properly. – and that is one of the hardest parts.

There is a nice little video.

Let’s see… other exercises…

Talking to my boss, I asked what he recommended. He said one of the exercises I have been doing is a good one:

I asked him about the pull down when sitting, and he said the standing one is better. It works your core and will help strengthen your lower back. But sadly, this is the ONLY one I really do that would help. So I need to insert some lower back exercises some days to help relieve me of this pain.

The one I referred to as the pull down is actually called the Face-Pulls on the BodyBuilder site.

This one isn’t bad. But again, my boss said that the standing version would be better for the back.

A lot of people on this site refer to “Good Mornings” but they kind of scare me for now. Maybe later on…

There are a lot of good exercises and points that are shown on the WebMD site.
Like Partial Crunches

Hamstring Stretches (This is showing it with a Towel!)
Instead of a Leg Lift, do this one (EXCEPT don’t lift as high? They recommended six inches)
Explanation: Start with one knee bent and one leg straight. Then just lift the straight leg about 6 inches. She is doing a much more extreme….
Leg Extension (recommended by my boss)
Bird Dog (I like this one)
Knee-To-Chest (Hold for a few seconds)

There are a lot more, but I think I’ll just save that later as a Part 2. The ones I am saving are all from the RealSimple – Strengthen Lower Back one. I think y’all will like some of those as well.

As for now, that is a lot for me to consider what I want to do first.


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