Went to the Gym Yesterday!

Yes yes, I don’t go as often as I would like, but … okay. No excuses. Anyway, I did manage to go yesterday! I tried two new machines. (One of them I had tried before, but didn’t go well. Now I did it again and it was good! Easier, but it wasn’t easy. O.O)


First I am going to talk about the machine above. It is the rowing machine! I actually wanted something like this. I am pretty sure there is an actual rowing machine in the other machines, but I wanted to do this one because I saw someone do it. I just always thought about something like it. It was interesting. It only had one handle like thing that you use to pull back with both arms. I am unsure if it has the effect I was wanting. But this morning, I feel it in my left arm. Ha.

20150805_063117_resizedThis was the other one. I was heading towards the thing where you hold yourself up on your arms and pull your knees to your chest, but some guy hurried in front of me to get to it first. I was like this: 
Anyway, I was like “Fine, I will just go to another thing, no big deal, butthead.” So I went back to this one. I remember having troubles the first time I tried it, so I went again. I did it. I did it much easier than last time. You know what that means?

(Best Star Trek Captain!)

Yes, I was so excited. It is the little things in life, right?

And… that is it. Normal workout otherwise. No tips, nothing else to really talk about. I am sorry. But I will take that progress!!

How are you all doing? Any stories of success?


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