There is a Reason it is Called “Struggling Through to Fitness”

Because it isn’t easy. I have my lapses…. and I say it is because of life and other causes but the truth is: it is just HARD. And I know I am not the only one who struggles. Which is why I started this. It is tips for me and makes sure I hold myself to my own goals and such.

But also so others know they aren’t the only ones who have a hard time.

I have gained weight, but starting this Tuesday, I am going back again. I am going to keep trying.


I am starting from “ground 1”. I am back at the beginning. But now I have better tools, I have some experience, I know what to expect. I won’t be disappointed with I haven’t done, but be proud of far I went. And now my goal is to surpass it.


I can do this. I have the support and the will. It may be hard. I will have to fight and kick myself out of bed. I need to stop my excuses.


It isn’t easy. It was never meant to be. Anything worthwhile will never be easy. But that is part of the fun. That is what makes it worth while. Being able to look back, see all that you have overcome. To see what you went through to reach that point, and it just adds that much more value.

That is my pep talk to prepare me for what is coming up. Y’all, this is going to be fun. And thank you for your continuous support while I learn.

Let’s do this. Together. ❤



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