Starting Again: Day 1


So begins the re-starting of my “Getting Healthy Again” regime. So, here are some of the goals I will be working on:

  • No more sodas.
    (I will add a stipulation. If we ‘eat out’ – which I don’t plan on it anytime soon – or at a family event, most I will drink is light colored soda. But I will do my best to be good and just keep asking for water.)
  • Go the Gym 3x a week.
    (I am aiming for Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. For some reason, it felt odd to try to start yesterday, so it will be from today on.)
  • Figure out Recipes for Smoothies and Shakes that I will enjoy and won’t break the bank.
    (Some of my favorites so far is my Slim Fast with Soy Milk and Bananas. I also enjoy Carrots and Bananas. So things like that.)
  • Decide which type of routine I really want to go for.
    (This is an overall goal for us because of $. So to add another reason for health will help. Except Wednesday Night when I have 2 seminars. Either my husband will cook dinner before I get home or we have to do the dash because I won’t have time otherwise and by the time I’ll be done, it will be very late at night.)
  • Make the best use of ALL my resources
    (Luckily, I have a job and a boss cool enough to let me use the equipment if I want to. I’ll probably do leg curls here, and work on abs and arms at the gym.)
  • Drink more tea!
  • Try to not make excuses BUT also allow my self allowances.
    (If I stress myself too much because I let a day slip, that makes things worse. Focus on the positives and the good progress I am making rather than seeing all of the negative/all things I haven’t done. This isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon.)

If I think of more things, I’ll let you know. I started my water and tea this morning! And …

2016-04-25 09.41.15

I may look tired, but that is how I am every morning. *laughs* But look, good habits! Starting them now, working on it now, and focus… And as I type this, I am sipping on Water so that is a good start.

Pretty soon, (hopefully sometime today) I will work/figure out some sort of routine that I am wanting to do. And figure out what I am going to pack/get myself ready for tomorrow. Gym Bag needs restocking!

And a playlist. I need to put music on my phone.

It’s the small things that keep us motivated, right?



2 thoughts on “Starting Again: Day 1

  1. I have also started again recently…I’m doing a combination of 30 day shred and 21 day fix to keep me motivated and not bored.. I am also eating healthier…I’ve also started using my fitness pal again…If you haven’t joined you should it’s really helpful especially reading other people’s success stories! 🙂

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    1. Fitness pal? I have not heard of it, but I will definitely look into it! I used to do stuff like JoeTheJuicer site but that is mostly for juicing and feels awkward to talk about other things. But Fitness pal may work! Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely look into it.

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