MyFitnessPal… and more


One of the cool things about trying to get into a healthy state is some of the people you get to meet. Like luv86elle (click on the name to get to her blog!). She is a fantastic person and recommended at app for me to try that I am highly enjoying right now.

And if you read the title of this entry, you may have an idea about which one:


(I was able to get a screenshot of this! It took a while, not going to lie.) But this is a pretty neat thing. Y’all may recall (or don’t, that is fine) that I used to have a FitBit. And I LOVED IT! I am unsure if I shared this, but I had to stop using it because it started to give me these rashes… no fun.

ANYWAY, this has a similar concept, but it may be built a little better. Or not. Unsure. But all I know is that I am highly enjoying it. It is keeping me honest and I have found that I tend to eat less because I don’t want to put the item in on the app. Not because of calories, but because I have to find it.

This is something to help you realize what all you are doing, and make you more conscious of it. Or at least it did for me. It tells you recommended water, a suggested plan to reach your goal…

But Miss Luv86Elle made a very important point: The calorie thing may not work for everyone. I know I will not be able to follow it. It recommends a certain amount of calorie intake per day depending upon your goals – but it is not something to always go by. If you feel weak or need nutrition, then eat and get it in you. Don’t overly worry about if you are going over the calorie count. But it does help you realize what all you are putting into your body/what you are eating. (That is in the diary section.)

I have a more screen shots for you to see what it looks like:

The left side shows the different options: The Diary is where you record your food intake. You can also put your Exercise and Water Consumption on that page. I haven’t messed with the exercise much yet, but when I do, I’ll show it to you if you guys want.

The opening page is really cool too. I was like “WHY ARE THERE DONUTS?” But then read the title. That… is actually pretty cool. I may have to look at some of their blog entries, because I have a feeling it will be fun.

Anyways, I say definitely check this app out.

In other news – my “gyming” has been placed on hold, but fear not! I am going to start fresh with that on Sunday. But most importantly, I have been working on my “at home” exercises and I am actually allowed to use some of the machines here at work. So I have been working on figuring out stuff to do at home. So, working on figuring out better eating, figuring out a routine, getting myself set up for success, this week to figure things out may have been a very good thing for me.

Plus, I was hurting lately, but luckily my boss hasn’t mind that I have been wearing my sneakers lately:


Shoes make the world of difference people!

And that is my updates. ;P I will write more about what I have been trying in my “Non-Gym” time in another entry when I get a chance. Until then, thank you for reading!



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