GYM! – The Restart

First off:


I have been talking about going back to the gym for a while, and said because this is May that this would be a fresh start! I was going to go on Sunday, but…. turns out I was ill.

Do NOT go to the gym while sick. Not good for you OR the people around you.

And I thought I would be more prepared than this. I have been the gym before (as you who are still reading this somehow know) so I thought I would be fine. I wasn’t. I really wasn’t. I forgot a brush guys. It sounds idiotic, but I forgot to bring a brush to brush my hair after the shower. (But, I have to admit, it isn’t too bad looking. For now.)

2016-05-03 08.40.30

Anyways, I can’t quite recall all the reps I did or what my main focus was, I went with what my body told me. But I will tell you what I did and why (for the most part- for as long as I am focused.) I may even include my playlist this morning.


So of course, I started with this. I decided to just warm up and aimed for 10 minutes. Then I decided two songs and ended up doing 7 minutes. When I tell you that I am out of shape, I am OUT OF SHAPE. I used to be able to do 10 minutes easily, and was trying to do more than 20. I did 7. (I listened to “Sing” and “Rather Be” from Pentatonix. I will add that I started SING in the dressing room and walked out listening to it.)

After that, I decided I wasn’t going to do thigh/leg stuff today, because I have a machine at work that I can use. (Didn’t stick with it, but that was the thought process.)

Next I did:


Apparently this is called “Pec Flye” or “Pectoral Fly” (for those trying to put this into their MyFitnessPal Exercise thing). I did about 50 of these. Or 5 sets of 10. Taking a break between each 10 is recommended by my boss (a Physical Therapist) so I try my best to listen to it. When I remember.


I am guessing on the App, it is called a Tricep Push Down. In the article I found trying to figure out names, they referred to it as the Tricep Dip. I want to guess I did 30 of these? Maybe more.

I also did:
Ab Crunches. And I lost count. And it felt good. Until I stopped and just rested putting my elbows on my knees in a sitting position. Then my abs retaliated! It hurt for a moment, but I thought it was awesome. Totally worth it.

Let’s try to hurry up (I’ll post my “Work Out Music List” in another entry)


(Sorry, I don’t have my own picture for it. But it is the sit down one in the area with the mirrors.)


I tried a few other machines… but they hurt. Not hurt, but I was definitely sore. So, I decided to cool down for 15 minutes on….


I hit my goal! I worked out for an hour everybody! WHOOOO!

Plus one of the awesome things? A guy complimented one of my favorite shirts today! You remember this one, right?

Effectively made me feel awesome.

Sorry I didn’t list everything, and don’t worry guys: One of these days, I will get BETTER pictures! Once I do, I will start using them more often! And I will work on having a collage of pictures so you don’t have to scroll so much to see them all.

But I did it! I achieved a goal! To start going back to the gym! My next day of hopeful is Friday, so wish me luck!


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