We Will Struggle Once More!


Yes! I am coming back to my ‘Fitness Struggle’ to try to get back on track! See, even if life tries to distract you, you can always come back! Because this isn’t just a one time thing, it is fitness: it is your life! ;P

Sad story: I have gained weight. Kind of happy: I have lost a little of it. I am still heavy again. BUT I have a good mindset and I actually have a few good habits started that will help to improve my results this time!

I am also probably going to change the look of “StrugglingThroughToFitness” eventually! New try, new look, new results maybe? This will be fun, that is all I know. I will be doing pictures and talk about possible workouts and maybe music and stuff again. I will be talking about food and habits and how to help incorporate them (or at least how I do so maybe you can get some ideas too?)

I will talk to others. I will get advice. I will show exercises (not myself, no no no, but like pictures or something) and see how I like them and whatnot. I probably won’t post everyday. Maybe aim for once a week?

And if you have been reading for a while, I will probably repeat some old information. But that is okay, we always need reminders, right? Assuming people read this thing.

(Not going to lie, I got used to comments because of my ‘gaming blog’ and I hope to encourage people to talk to me here too!)

So yes, I’m back! This will be fun!


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