Making Changes

There are some changes going on that I would like to talk about! Some of the things you are seeing here in the picture above. (Oh yeah, I am getting fancy – I finally know how to use layout stuff for pictures! Picture spams will be much more organized and neater!)

First the bigger picture: I drink a LOT more water! It is very important, good for you, and juat overall helpful. Also you may notice that vitamin packet with it. Yes, I do that too. Because it has a lot of good stuff in it – or at least it looked like it did when I was reading the back. I honeatly do feel better aince I have started that.

I drink a lot less soda so I don’t cancel out the positive effects.

I am trying to eat better. I have a lot I can write about that but that will be another entry.

My husband bought me an iPod so I can listen to tunes! And a nice new headset/headphones! Love it! Beginnings! Whoo!

Any changes you have made?


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