I’m STILL sore!

I did it! Tuesday morning, I hit a huge goal I was aiming for this week: I made it back to the gym! I had to transfer home gyms with Planet Fitness because I am only a White card (the $10 a month member) and am only supposed to go to my ‘home gym’. Seeing as a different gym was on my way to work and would be a lot more convenient, I opted to go for the gym on the way to work rather than the one closer to home. That process – though was easy – took a couple days otherwise I would have started last week. (I was so pumped!)

My husband even gave me this as a gift because I had a hard time finding an arm band that would fit my phone AND case:

capture1(You will see another entry that mentions this. I started an entry on my mobile app that I apparently haven’t posted yet, but I will eventually. And when I do, this will look silly because I will change the date so it is “before” this entry.)

So now I will have no issue listening to music and just work out. It was wonderful! I was smiling and had to resist bobbing my head and singing along – it was perfect!

ANYWAY, about the actual gym and workout!

Let me say: This gym is NICE. It is a newer one and they actually transformed an old Grocery store into this Planet Fitness. I was a little bit in awe. I mean, look at the lockers!


That is actually TWO pictures. One of the inside and one of the outside. But look at them! They are so nice. And let me tell you about how BIG they are! They have more room than the previous one! It may also help that I actually have like a nice “gym” bag now (I swear I will take a picture of it later so I can talk about my new workout setup. *wink*) and so it fits better, but I could tell it is bigger.

People are nice here at this gym as well, so I am happy. So I adjusted and explored happily and comfortably and did my thing with no issue. (And they STILL only have two dressing rooms with three showers! One girl who was getting out and I saw her bag wasn’t in the a room so I let her know that I was fine if she used the ‘dressing room’ that my stuff was in. Because it was just stuff and yeah.)

And as for the workout:

I …. may have overdone it. I kept thinking about the previous times I had gone and what I was able to do and all that fun stuff. Plus I wanted to look around the gym and see what was available. This is what I ended up doing:


I started on the Elliptical (bottom right hand picture). I did that for about two songs. I was going to go for at least 10 minutes (I only did about 6.5 minutes) but I honestly had an itch to explore and look around and see what was going on. The layout is different so I just wanted to explore a little bit. From there I went to the Leg Curl machine (bottom left). I was aiming for like 50, but I ended up doing between 50-60 and realized I wasn’t 100% sure how many I did.

It was then I realize that trying to keep track of what I was doing wasn’t going to work. I was too busy looking around or listening to music while doing it. I got more done and even though that was a good thing, I wasn’t sure how I would keep track of progress. So I went until I felt it. Like, that feeling that you should move onto the next body part to let it relax a little bit before attacking it again.

So I went to the Pulldown bar thing (Middle Right). There were people who looked more “Hardcore” but I had such good experiences with this that I went over anyway and people did the “hi nod” or smiled. Yup. We good.

After making my arms sore a little bit (mostly my LEFT). I decided to do Ab Stuff.

Guys, they have a machine that the other Planet Fitness didn’t have! I was stoked! And it is AWESOME – but I am not at the level where I can really do that yet. But I did five! It is the machine is the one on the middle left. Now, I know you cannot see it well, but someday I will show you the bigger version of the picture. But it is an ab crunch that involves your legs a little bit too. Now, my legs may have been tired because of the leg stuff I was doing but I will admit it: It is probably because it is too hard for me right now. A nice gentleman showed me how to adjust the seat though so I could try to use it.

I ended up going to my normal Ab machine (top right).

Guys, I did all the machines and I may have goofed up the order I did them, but I tried all nine. I. Am. Sore. After I finished I was like “Huh, it wasn’t that bad. My arms are a little eh, but it could have been worse.” because before, I don’t remember my legs ever really being really sore the day after. Maybe a little, but not a lot.

I have learned my lesson.

Yesterday, things that I didn’t realize would be sore were, and it made it a VERY interesting day. Because I totally wasn’t expecting it! I thought I could just jump back in, do whatever I wanted and…

Hmmm… I will have to approach this a little differently. But it is still great! I did it! I am excited!

And I am still going to avoid this for a while:

20161206_070223Soon though. Soon. I know I have gained a lot of weight and have a lot to work on… but I won’t put a damper on the positivity yet! Whoo!

I am hoping to go possibly tomorrow but what do I do if I am still sore?? *laughs*


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