Whatever Gets You Motivated/Gym!

First off:


We all know what goes on when the New Year comes! We all make our goals and heavily attempt to keep them up. And you know what? I think whatever keeps you motivated is good! No matter how nerdy or how dorky it may be.

Why do I mention that? Because… well…capture

새해 첫 운동하기~~~ 👍

A photo posted by 정용화 (@jyheffect0622) on Jan 1, 2017 at 11:10pm PST

(Translates to New Year’s first workout)

That was actually my inspiration to make sure I get out of bed this morning! If the singer of my favorite band (CNBlue) can make sure to keep up with workouts, then I hopefully can too!

So, it is the first Tuesday of the year, and I made it to the gym! I take that as a huge accomplishment! It is one step forward to being consistent and making it towards a goal. Now, my next step will be to make sure I make it one more time this week! I have in mind Thursday but we’ll see how that goes.

I did try some new machines today! One I absolutely loved:


Don’t know why I had really paid any attention to it before or what have you, but I finally tried it. At first I was confused with the instructions, but once I set up the way it said and pushed – it all MADE SENSE. *laughs* It was fantastic! It will now be another machine I go to to work on my arms! Yes! I need more arm machines! I have a bunch of stuff I love for legs and needed things to do with my arms that I would enjoy. (And Abs… which leads to another one I tried today.)

20170103_060546This twisty thing. I… I am at odds about this one. Unsure if I like it. This CAN mess up your back if you do not do it correctly. And I am unsure of how much of an effect this had on me. I will try it a few more times before I pass judgement but this is an “eh” for me. But I really need some more ‘ab machines’ that I like which is why I gave it a shot. (Recommendations welcome!)

Other than that, it was some of my ‘normal machines’ that I tend to resort to. And let me tell you, I was so excited that I actually made it in this morning! Guys, I did it! Wish me luck that I make it another time this week.


Face of a tired (but happy) girl after gym (including showing and stuff. So I am clean!)

How are y’all doing on your goals this year so far?


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