Starting *MY* new year right!

This may sound a bit odd, but it is mostly because of my thought process. Yes, New Years already happened, and I have been off and on with the gym (Once a week is it rounding out to be) but today is the start of MY new year.

It’s my birthday.

The face of a person after their birthday workout and shower. XD

It is my second chance to truly implement some change because it is truly a new me/new year type of deal. *laughs*


And so I did it! I went to the gym this morning and started out how 28 should start! With a healthy beginning. I also noticed a few things while I was working out that is quite fantastic:

I had to add weight to just about everything I did that had weights!


I used to just jump to 50 lbs for all leg stuff and 20 lbs for arms, but I had to bump up everything 10 lbs – I even went to 100 lbs for the leg press!


This felt like an accomplishment. It was something that allowed me to go “Oh, I am getting better!” (Even though that elliptical still kicks my butt and I have to close my eyes and listen to my music to make sure I make it to 10 minutes.)

Seriously, why so hard?!? This thing is terrifying.

So I am here to celebrate that I did it. It was super hard to get up this morning, but hopefully this continues to me keeping on good habits and losing that 20 lbs by June 28th!

Which means next time on StrugglingThroughToFitness:

Will I have the guts to face this again to find out where I am?



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