Goodbye Arm Flab Exercises? Yes Please!

One of the other parts of me that hugely bother me (besides my tummy) is my “arm flab” area. I also know that there are a lot of other people who get bothered by that as well. Well guys, there are some things at home that we can do! I am excited to have found this because:

  1. They don’t seem TOO bad.
  2. I actually have 5 lb weights at home thanks to my mom.
  3. They can be done at home.

So if I were to make my own challenge type of deal… These could easily be included. And I am all about that right now. I just need to work on things that I am least confident with. So…

You can even see where I got it from on the picture! One Part Joy, One Part Circus

So there we go! Interesting, yes? I thought so too!

Seriously, I was like:


Good exercises that won’t kill me and not super confusing!

Anything you would recommend to add to these?


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