Make Your Own Challenge/Made My Own


Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a fun group/team of people to help us lose weight (trust me, it would be so much easier if these guys were my team like on “Oh My Venus”) so we do what we can to try to lose weight and be motivated.

One of the ways that a lot of people do that is to do stuff like “Challenges”. I am not sure if people like the idea that someone is suggesting that maybe they won’t and that is why it is a challenge, or if it is because it is a challenge to do stuff out of the norm, but they are popping up everywhere and honestly, I think they can be fantastic!

Don’t know if y’all had read it – I was trying to do a 30-day challenge, but it ended up hurting my back a lot with sit-ups. Which is why I had that entry about exercises to replace sit-ups! Well, I figured with a lot of the stuff I have learned and other exercises I want to work on, I could create my own thirty-day challenge type of deal!

Now, I was trying to see why everyone was doing this 30-day limit thing… and then I counted. If you do stuff Monday-Saturday, rest Sunday, that is 5 weeks.

Makes perfect sense to me!
Then I looked up how long it takes to create a habit: People normally say 21 days, but according to this one article, is can take up to about 66 days – just a tad more than 2 months! But I don’t want to make a challenge THAT long…

Then I noticed that 30 days is a fair “in-between” (considering that it is technically 35 if you include the rest days) so we are going to stick with that!

Maybe a little bit…

You are probably wondering about when I am actually going to get to the 30-day challenge part! You are now there! Here is my challenge:


Yes, the numbers are based off of the Bedtime Challenge previous posted. I liked the progression. I just wasn’t fond of the sit-ups. Push-ups are extremely hard as well, so when I put in the Dumbbell Cross Jab, I had them increase with everything else because they weren’t on the same par as Push-Ups. Essentially, it is these four exercises:

(Why the Standing Bicycle Crunches so big?… it worked out that way.)

They won’t hurt me too much, but I can definitely feel the effect when I do them. Oh, and for those who are wondering: “Does it mean one on each side?”
Think of it this way. See the Gif for the Standing Bicycle Crunch? Doing both sides counts as one. He would be counting “One, one, two, two” essentially. (I really hope that makes sense.)

Same with the Dumbbell Cross Jab and Bird-Dog Crunches: You count one only after you have done both sides. In the Bird-Dog Crunches, he is only doing half, because he isn’t showing the other side being done as well.

Will this be effective? Who knows? I am trying it for the first time for these 30 days and afterwards I will let you know how it is!

Want to try it, go for it! Have suggestions, let me hear it! New learning curve: Here we go!


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