Starting *MY* new year right!

This may sound a bit odd, but it is mostly because of my thought process. Yes, New Years already happened, and I have been off and on with the gym (Once a week is it rounding out to be) but today is the start of MY new year. It’s my birthday. It is my second… Continue reading Starting *MY* new year right!

I’m STILL sore!

I did it! Tuesday morning, I hit a huge goal I was aiming for this week: I made it back to the gym! I had to transfer home gyms with Planet Fitness because I am only a White card (the $10 a month member) and am only supposed to go to my ‘home gym’. Seeing… Continue reading I’m STILL sore!

MyFitnessPal… and more

One of the cool things about trying to get into a healthy state is some of the people you get to meet. LikeĀ luv86elleĀ (click on the name to get to her blog!). She is a fantastic person and recommended at app for me to try that I am highly enjoying right now. And if you read… Continue reading MyFitnessPal… and more

There is a Reason it is Called “Struggling Through to Fitness”

Because it isn’t easy. I have my lapses…. and I say it is because of life and other causes but the truth is: it is just HARD. And I know I am not the only one who struggles. Which is why I started this. It is tips for me and makes sure I hold myself… Continue reading There is a Reason it is Called “Struggling Through to Fitness”