Goodbye Arm Flab Exercises? Yes Please!

One of the other parts of me that hugely bother me (besides my tummy) is my “arm flab” area. I also know that there are a lot of other people who get bothered by that as well. Well guys, there are some things at home that we can do! I am excited to have found… Continue reading Goodbye Arm Flab Exercises? Yes Please!

07/21/15 – Gym and Smoothies

I have to say, today, I feel very accomplished today. I made it to the gym! Yes, after all of this time. After all of my efforts and not being able to, I finally made it to the gym. I planned and arranged and made sure everything was set up the night before. And I… Continue reading 07/21/15 – Gym and Smoothies

Getting Back Into Routine

This is the face of exhaustion after the first day of workout after a Loooooong break. But, I am happy. Why? Because I was finally able to get out and workout. Sometimes life happens. But I never gave up on this. I was just delayed. And I won’t let it get me down. I even… Continue reading Getting Back Into Routine

Gym Visit: Level Up! (Arm Day)

I have accomplished something! But before I start talking about that…. I have decided instead of showing the pictures of the machines I use EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’ll talk about some things that I think went well and such. If you want to know which machines, how many times, what weight etc, I am more… Continue reading Gym Visit: Level Up! (Arm Day)

Gym Visit: Monday is Thigh Day! (#3)

First off, I have to show the funny shirt that I “Borrowed” from my husband. Okay, now that I think about it, I did ask my husband to use it, so I’m fine. Like always, I did the elliptical for 22 minutes: I noticed that it is not nearly as hard as it used to… Continue reading Gym Visit: Monday is Thigh Day! (#3)

Gyming it Nerd Style (Abs/Arm Flab #2)

So, since I missed Monday, I tried to combine both Abs and Arm Flab into one day. I am not as satisfied with the burn, but it is better than nothing! I didn’t have my ┬ánormal workout shirts clean (hey, I am so allowed to be behind on laundry!) so I wore one of my… Continue reading Gyming it Nerd Style (Abs/Arm Flab #2)