Replacing “Sit-Ups”

I. Hate. Sit-Ups. I just do. I know they aren’t that bad, and good for you and one of the mainstay exercises for working on the tummy/abs – but honestly, they hurt my low back and I am just – ugh. I can put a towel/something softer under my low back, but during my 30-day… Continue reading Replacing “Sit-Ups”

My Sister’s Recommended Workout

My younger sister is one of my best friends. We’ve always been some degree of close, even if we don’t know everything going on in each other’s life. That is okay. Because we are there for each other whenever it is needed. And, she is now going into: She had to lose weight and now… Continue reading My Sister’s Recommended Workout

Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Smoothies

Hello everyone! You might be as surprised as I am: I am posting more recipes and links quite quickly. This time, it is for Smoothies! I hope you enjoy these as well. To skip the list and just see where I got them from, a good batch is from here: 20 Super Healthy Smoothie RecipesĀ … Continue reading Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Smoothies

Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Juice

I am finally doing it! Gathering a few recipes for juicing and smoothies and putting it into one place. I am doing this because my husband and I – as well as my little girl who is SUPER excited – are going to the Farmer’s Market today and I need a list of stuff to… Continue reading Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Juice

Healthy Smoothies

Hello all! Yes, sorry for the lack of updates. You know how life is. And life got in the way of my fitness darn it. But I won’t let that get me down. I am actually quite excited because I have been experiencing a few new things that have brought new possibilities to my life.… Continue reading Healthy Smoothies

Gym Hiatus OVER!

Yes, you read that right! I was able to go to the gym today!~ If you could not tell, I was super excited. That felt like the longest week. It feels like I hadn’t been to the gym in weeks…. I think I only missed one week… I cannot tell anymore. ANYWAY- So, today was… Continue reading Gym Hiatus OVER!