Replacing “Sit-Ups”

I. Hate. Sit-Ups. I just do. I know they aren’t that bad, and good for you and one of the mainstay exercises for working on the tummy/abs – but honestly, they hurt my low back and I am just – ugh. I can put a towel/something softer under my low back, but during my 30-day… Continue reading Replacing “Sit-Ups”

07/21/15 – Gym and Smoothies

I have to say, today, I feel very accomplished today. I made it to the gym! Yes, after all of this time. After all of my efforts and not being able to, I finally made it to the gym. I planned and arranged and made sure everything was set up the night before. And I… Continue reading 07/21/15 – Gym and Smoothies

Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Juice

I am finally doing it! Gathering a few recipes for juicing and smoothies and putting it into one place. I am doing this because my husband and I – as well as my little girl who is SUPER excited – are going to the Farmer’s Market today and I need a list of stuff to… Continue reading Healthy Drinks: Recipes and Links – Juice

Gym Hiatus OVER!

Yes, you read that right! I was able to go to the gym today!~ If you could not tell, I was super excited. That felt like the longest week. It feels like I hadn’t been to the gym in weeks…. I think I only missed one week… I cannot tell anymore. ANYWAY- So, today was… Continue reading Gym Hiatus OVER!

Oh the Things We Do….

Because of life and financials, I have to wait before I can go to the gym again. So with that being said, I had to sit and think of stuff I can do since that is out of the question: And I think I have decided. I mean, I could have found stuff I could… Continue reading Oh the Things We Do….

Excited About “Leveling Up”

(For those who do not get the joke, that is a Power Up from the Mario series.) It is now 10:03 at night and I am cannot help but think about tomorrow morning. Yes, I probably should be resting and possibly sleeping, but I know with my life that is not going to happen. (The… Continue reading Excited About “Leveling Up”

Gym Visit: Level Up! (Arm Day)

I have accomplished something! But before I start talking about that…. I have decided instead of showing the pictures of the machines I use EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’ll talk about some things that I think went well and such. If you want to know which machines, how many times, what weight etc, I am more… Continue reading Gym Visit: Level Up! (Arm Day)