What to Consider in Regards to: The “D” Word

First off, there is a reason I call this “STRUGGLING” through to Fitness. Because let’s face it… It has been off and on. *laughs* But I have a scheduled out thing now that I can actually follow and plan and – We can get more into that at a different time. Today, I am looking… Continue reading What to Consider in Regards to: The “D” Word

Make Your Own Challenge/Made My Own

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a fun group/team of people to help us lose weight (trust me, it would be so much easier if these guys were my team like on “Oh My Venus”) so we do what we can to try to lose weight and be motivated. One of the ways that a… Continue reading Make Your Own Challenge/Made My Own

Goodbye Arm Flab Exercises? Yes Please!

One of the other parts of me that hugely bother me (besides my tummy) is my “arm flab” area. I also know that there are a lot of other people who get bothered by that as well. Well guys, there are some things at home that we can do! I am excited to have found… Continue reading Goodbye Arm Flab Exercises? Yes Please!

Replacing “Sit-Ups”

I. Hate. Sit-Ups. I just do. I know they aren’t that bad, and good for you and one of the mainstay exercises for working on the tummy/abs – but honestly, they hurt my low back and I am just – ugh. I can put a towel/something softer under my low back, but during my 30-day… Continue reading Replacing “Sit-Ups”

Gym Hiatus OVER!

Yes, you read that right! I was able to go to the gym today!~ If you could not tell, I was super excited. That felt like the longest week. It feels like I hadn’t been to the gym in weeks…. I think I only missed one week… I cannot tell anymore. ANYWAY- So, today was… Continue reading Gym Hiatus OVER!

Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results

That is me this morning. Okay, not literally, but that is how I feel. For the most part. Now that I have had my cup of tea, it is a bit better, but I think it is a bit obvious on my face that I am tired this morning. And there is ONE big thing… Continue reading Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results

Day One Aftermath

I was originally planning on going back to the gym today and have visit #2. Did not happen. First, a huge factor of sleep deprivation¬†for the last few months. We finally got a new bedframe, so sleep was actually good. My body refused to move. I should have forced it, but then – I MOVED.… Continue reading Day One Aftermath