The “Between Gym Visits” Exercises

Let’s face it. I am horrid at going to the gym consistently. But even if I did go as often as I plan – and I will! I am working my way up – there are still exercises I should probably do at home between gym visits. It’s not just the days I am there,… Continue reading The “Between Gym Visits” Exercises

Breaking the Habit

I have a confession. I have terrible eating habits. Worse part: I know it. Now, usually when people talk about breaking a bad habit, they are referring to smoking or nail biting. Something others are commonly dealing with. Now, I have to realize that how I eat is a BIG part of a habit I… Continue reading Breaking the Habit

Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results

That is me this morning. Okay, not literally, but that is how I feel. For the most part. Now that I have had my cup of tea, it is a bit better, but I think it is a bit obvious on my face that I am tired this morning. And there is ONE big thing… Continue reading Oh The Difference One Thing Makes/Day After Results